Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Sustainable Management

Part-time master program: practice- and employee-oriented

This master program is designed with regard to the specific needs of professionals and young professionals from trade unions and non-profit organizations, works councils and staff councils, as well as people who work in the management or human resources area or seek a position in these areas. Our students are in demand as experts: They create a working environment that highlights the role of employees with all their skills and knowledge.

Basic Studies

1. Economics

Competition theory and competition policy, industrial economics, foreign trade relations and economic policy regulations

2. Law

Public and employment regulations as well as collective bargaining law, the right to strike and the legal Basis of labour disputes

3. Organisation

Challenges of operational changes as well as design and development of organizations, the
learning organization and processes of knowledge exchange and management

4. Management 

Project management and methods of empirical social research, innovation management and strategies
and instruments of public relations and communication techniques

5. HR Development

Occupational and vocational education, psychology and diversity management, target group oriented, strategy and culture related Leadership

Advanced Studies Participation Management

6. Sociology and Organisation

Strategies for guiding participation processes

7. Law and Democracy

Reflecting participation management with its legal boundaries against the background of democratic theory and political foundations

8. Methods and Practice I

Case studies that provide access to participation as a method in processes, projects and events

9. Methods and Practice II

Evaluating the significance and consequences of different levels of participation and use them for emancipation processes

Academic degree:
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Duration of study:
24 months, reduction for graduates of our certificate course in participation management

Next course: December 6, 2019

Education investment:
16,000 EUR (24 months) or 9,000 EUR for graduates of our certificate course in participation management, plus 540 EUR enrollment fee

Organization of studies:
a 2 to 3-day attendance seminar (Thursday to Saturday) approx. every month, modular self-learning system on the E-Campus

Course language:
German (students must have a certain level of English to get their degree)

Exams, project-related study papers, presentations, master thesis


  • Completed first degree with 210 credit points or bachelor's degree with 180 credit points and
    successful participation in an MBA additional module of the AoL with 30 credit points,
  • Two years professional experience (full time, no internships),
  • Employment in a company or organization,
  • Project supervision in a company or organization,
  • Good English knowledge

Contact persons

Student support and counseling

Dr. Ramona Buske

Phone: +49 (0) 69 977897 49

Head of study program

Dr. Bedia Sahin

Phone: +49 (0) 69 7720 33