Certificate Course in Labour Economics

Gain theoretical, instrumental and empirical knowledge about the labour market

This study program is aimed at professionals and young professionals from trade unions and non-profit organizations as well as employees from sciences and business practice, who would like to deepen their knowledge of labour market theories and policies.

The program offers a unique practice-based training opportunity and is particularly suitable for

  • Trade union secretaries from the departments of Labour Market Policy, International Affairs, Social Policy, Labour Law, Wage and Collective Bargaining Policy and Economic Policy,
  • Works council and staff council members and
  • Employees from public administrations such as employment agencies and their self-governing bodies.

The program consists of four modules developed by leading labour market policy and economic scholars plus a thesis. After finishing their thesis, students receive a university certificate with 31 credit points. We also offer the opportunity to take part in single modules.

Module 1: The labour market as part of the whole economy
Qualification objective: Being able to answer questions on the tension between collective and individual action in the labour market on the basis of the "standard model"

Modul 2: Structure and dynamik of the labour market
Qualification objective: Being able to assess both the informative character of data and the causes of certain developments in the labour market through data collection and analysis

Modul 3: Wage policy and collective bargaining systems in Europe
Qualification objective: Being able to assess past and present collective agreement systems taking into account country-specific characteristics

Modul 4: Occupational retirement systems
Qualification objective: Understanding the role of the retirement system for labour market policy and providing the basis to act as an employee representative

Modul 5: Seminar paper
Qualification objective: Profound reasoning in a scientific paper

Academic degree:
University certificate with 31 credit points, certificate of attendance

Duration of study:
5 modules over a period of 12 months, a 3-day attendance seminar in each module

Enrollment: ---

Education investment: ---

Course language:

Examinations, presentations, seminar paper

Contact person

Student support and counseling

Dr. Ramona Buske

Phone: +49 (0) 69 905503 786