The Academy of Labour

Higher Education - Research - Participation

The IG Metall, the DGB, the State of Hessen, the City of Frankfurt and the Goethe-University Frankfurt have jointly developed the concept of a House of Labour as a necessary complementation of the academic landscape in Germany and Europe. The EAdA upgrades its established 11-months full-time program and its research projects under the umbrella of the House of Labour. The Academy of Labour was founded in October 2015 as an affiliate of the EAdA to develop and offer the Bachelor-, Master programs and certificate courses at the House of Labour.


The House of Labour

Vision & Mission


Our understanding of the House of Labour is based on the claim to become one of the most prestigious education and research institutes in the fields of employee representation and industrial relations by 2025. We therefore strive for excellence in teaching, research and practice. We train future professionals and leaders in strategic thinking and create an intellectually stimulating and international environment for lifelong learning. Through employee-oriented research, we make innovative contributions and set important impulses for the social discourse on the future of work. Using our contacts to business, society, trade unions and politics, we promote an open exchange and ensure practical relevance.

In order to realize our claim, we gain excellent experts from theory and practice who are well connected at the national and international level with leading universities, research institutes, organizations and companies.

We create an intellectually stimulating and international learning environment. We give the topics of employee representation, participation and industrial realations an academic home and put them on the political agenda. We emphasize the social dimension of economies and make a sustainable contribution to changing and improving the working environment of the future.

Our Principles